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The Garden Ladder started with a wobbly, heavy A-frame ladder...

...a lousy tool for an avid gardener who works on slopes or needs to reach tricky spaces.  After all, how flat is your garden?  How hard can it be to reach in to the crown of a tree, the top of a tall hedge, a second story window box?

Thus my dogged hunt to find the best ladder available to use for projects in my garden and outside around the house.  I stumbled upon a few brands, but was attracted to Hasegawa's tripod ladders because they're extremely well engineered and built − a tool that will last a lifetime.  And I learned early on from my dad, brother and an old carpenter friend that "Only a rich (wo)man can afford cheap tools."  You will not find another tripod ladder like this that is so sturdy, so strong, so safe and so utilitarian.

After using these ladders myself, and hearing other horticulturists, arborists, landscapers and keen gardeners show such enthusiasm for the product, I began selling them in 2016.  The Garden Ladder covers sales and customer service for the metropolitan Washington, DC area and surrounding states.

Which ladders do I own and use?  I most often use the 6' model for pruning and trimming, and the 12' platform model to tend to my window boxes and climbing roses, and to clean out the gutters.

Who I am...

I am Jody McGowan, a native Washingtonian who grew up near George Washington's Mt. Vernon and was exposed to gardening as a youngster.  My mom, Kathy, could often be found tending her gardens while my dad, John, cared for the larger plants, trees and lawn, tinkering and fixing things.  They both were known among their family and friends for cooking up delicious feasts, and jams and jellies, from their bounties.  My parents instilled in me a love for the earth, the importance of hard work and an appreciation for all who work with their hands.  My mom, now in her 80s, still lovingly tends to her ornamental containers, and a vegetable and flower garden located in a community plot in Old Town Alexandria.

Elle in Garden

An avid gardener, I love to get out and get my hands dirty. I also love to garden with my three kids, Elle, Charlie and Patrick. So when I'm not selling ladders, you'll oftentimes find me at home or around the beautiful DC area with my kids and husband, enjoying the day.

You may contact me at or (202) 369-0655.